Which is the best cloud storage?

Cloud storage is becoming popular globally day by day due to its incredible features that offer some benefits for personal users as well as for businesses. Different types of cloud storage services are available like OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox and Box and Amazon Cloud Drive. You can choose the right cloud storage service that is in accordance with your needs and requirements.


It is Microsoft’s storage option.  Windows 8 and ten users have OneDrive built into their operating system and can be seen in the file explorer. However,  Web users can use it by downloading a desktop app for OneDrive Android or earlier versions of Windows and Mac, Windows Phone, Xbox and iOS apps.


  • It Works flawlessly with Windows devices because it’s built into the Windows operating system.
  • When you sign up for OneDrive, it gets you a Microsoft account, which gives access to Microsoft services.


  • File organization may not always be correct.


It is preferred in the cloud storage world as it is reliable and easy to use. Data are available in the cloud and can be accessed anytime and anywhere from Dropbox’s website, Windows, and Linux, desktop applications for Mac, or the Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and BlackBerry mobile apps.


  • It works well equally on PCs and Macs, Android and iOS.
  • The service is simple and designed smartly.
  • Its desktop applications merge with your computer’s file system in a sound


  • You cannot control the way your data are being displayed.

Google Drive

It combines a whole range of office tools with cloud storage in the Drive. You can get access to Google Drive through a Google Account. It provides you with 15GB of storage for any documents created or upload to Google Drive. It the best option for Chromebook users as it is built into Google’s Web-based operating system Chromium.


  • It requires a little setup and the attachments can be saved to drive from your email id easily.
  • Your photos can be back up automatically without the need for any particular app.


  • Files like spreadsheets or presentations should be exported if created using Google Drive’s tool for editing in other programs
  • Your storage space is shared with Gmail.


Box enables you to share files with your coworkers, assign tasks, leave comments and get notified if any change occurs. Files can be previewed from Box’s website, and it lets you control the privacy of your records. You can decide who can view your folders from your colleagues and that’s why it is best for team projects.


  • Box approaches a lot of tools for businesses, including file privacy control and association.


  • It is not suitable for personal storage due to its infinite sharing and confidentiality features
  • The use of Box to manage only a few files or folders may be overpowering.

Amazon Cloud Drive

It is best for Amazon Fire tablet or Fire phone users as its part of the operating system. It offers unlimited storage for photos for free for all Fire device users and Amazon Prime members. Its desktop apps are available for Mac and PC and have apps for Android and iOS with automatic upload i.e. your videos and photos you take to get saved to the cloud automatically right after you capture them.


  • For a new service, you can get sign into Cloud Drive if you already have an Amazon account.


  • Only upload or download files can be used because the desktop app doesn’t work with the file system.
  • Files larger than 2GB cannot be uploaded.

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